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Second Sufi Conference Opens in Tripoli
15/02/2011 15:35:00
Photo: Part of the attended Sufi scholars who participated in the conference that was opened in Tripoli on Yesterday.

BY Abdussalaam Ali Kinopbe

Tripoli --The second Sufi conference has kicked off in the Libyan capital Tripoli with a call to all Sufists to spread the word of Sufism all over the world since it is the most acknowledged path for the betterment of the humanity and the spread of Islam.

Speaking at the opening ceremony at the World Islamic Call Society Headquarters, the Secretary General of WICS - Doctor Muhammad Ahmad Sharif appealed to the participants to preach to people and children in particular the importance of Sufism and how it can lead to the betterment of the whole humanity.

He also appealed to all Muslims in the whole world to be tolerant, peaceful and also to follow peaceful ways to solve their own problems.

The conference which has attracted about one thousand SUFI followers from all corners of the world is under the theme "Recommend One Another to the Truth" and has been organized by The World Islamic Call Society in conjunction with the International Forum for Sufism.

In this conference, great Islamic researchers and Academicians are to discuss three major Topicsand these are; The role of Sufism in Islamic Propagation, the Sufi Social role and its approach to other Faith.

Among the speakers are Dr. Khaled El-Mahgoub, Sheikh Mohamed El-Sadek, Dr. Ahamed El-Mostafa, Sheikh Imbaki Abdel among others.
The first conference took place in 1997 and according to the Secretary General, the number of the participants has almost doubled
The Conference is expected to end on the 14th of this month February.
We here in India studying and publishing on Sufism want to join with your effort , is it possible ?
How can we include us (we , the boul-fakir community in West Bengal , India ) with your conference?
We want to erase contrarelation with relegion. As a folower of Gausul azam Maizvandary I want to a regular comunication
with the other sufi organisation in
the world.

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