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LibDex, Defense and Security Exhibition Attracts over 100 Companies to Libya
18/11/2010 16:06:00
Photo: The LibDex exhibition is characterized by small weapon systems as well as multi-purpose heavy weapons.

That is the way it is and always it will be, when it comes to security and defense matters, the issue tops the priority list in Libya and other countries around the world.

The 2nd Libyan Defense, Security and safety mega-exhibition was unveiled on Monday, November 8th, 2010 in the historical Mitiga airport to provide an opportunity to several international exhibitors to showcase of their products.

The official opening ceremony was conducted by Brigadier-General Guima Zaid the Chairman of the organizing committee who earlier highlighted that, "Libya's economy is currently booming, and many new large scale energy and infrastructure projects are being inaugurated, meaning that our demand for new security and defense equipments is growing exponentially".

The four-day exhibition showcased several defense and military wares such as artillery systems, anti tank weapons, ammunitions, anti aircraft, air defense systems, training platforms, attack platforms and laser technologies.

Other defense and military items exhibited included infantry weapons, tactical vehicles, ballistic missile rocket fuels, early warning ladders, tracking systems and a lot more.

According to the organizers, this year's exhibition attracted 100 companies from at least 24 countries.

The exhibition gives the opportunity to the participants to demonstrate their products in semi-live manner with the assistance from the exhibitor's experts in weaponology.

Forecast International recently also identified the African continent as the next defense market and Libya would be one of the major key areas to focus on.

At press time the Tripoli Post news reporter was there to cover the event and managed to capture some of the participants' views.

"We have been working collaboratively with Libyan defense force and everything has been good to both of us respectively" said Mrs. Laetitia Blandin, External Communications Manager of Nexter Stems a French company dealing in ammunitions, Anti-tank shells, warheads , armored systems, weapons and turrets.

Mr. Louis Oliver the Director of NMS International Group Company headquartered in UK said "we have at least 50 companies operating under one roof; covering defense and security, military, foreign rescue, forensic, communications, commander control systems and military training"

"This is the second time we're participating here, we hope to continue working tremendously with the Libyan defense forces and public security" he added.

The Associate Research Engineer Department of missile and rocket system of Hanwha Corporation a Korean company said "the first time we participated shaded more light in having a business with the Libyan defense forces and our relationship since then has been natural"
Mr. Michel head of Logistics of FN HERSTAL a Belgian company said "We supply Pistols, over assault riffles, light and medium machine guns and several kinds of weapons for ant-rioting".

"We worked closely with Libyan defense force since seventies, let say after the attainment of Libya's independence, we do appreciate our partnership" he added.

A representative of AgustaWestland Company operating in Italy and UK who preferred to talk to The Tripoli Post on the condition of anonymity said "we delivered our second AW139 medium twin Engine helicopter. This has been a part of a total order for five AW139s sold to Libya for border patrol, Search and rescue and this is the major milestone for our cooperation, we hope for more to come"
Others approached at the press time included Tac Jung assistant manager Yeonhab Precision Co. Ltd Korea, and others who expressed their willingness to have business partnership with North African region.

According to the press release, programs are underway to organize the 4th Libyan Annual Safety and Security Exhibition slated for 6th, December 2010.
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