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Sunday, 20 April, 2014, 11:15 ( 9:15 GMT )
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Plane Crushes at Tripoli Airport, 104 Passengers on Board, 10-year Old Boy Survives
12/05/2010 15:25:00
The ill fated Afriqiyah Airways plane’s engine at the site of the crash as rescue and security people are seen sifting through the debris

Mohammed Zaidan, Libya’s Secretary of Transportation, officially announced to reporters, in Tripoli today at 10:40 a.m. local time the crash of an airplane belonging to Afriqiyah Airways as it was landing at Tripoli International Airport.

The airliner was carrying 104 people, including 93 passengers and 11 crew. 103 people died including 13 Libyan nationals among them the 11 crew members.

A ten-year old boy of Dutch nationality survived the crash. He was first taken to the nearest hospital, Sabia'a Hospital, 30 kms southeast of Tripoli for treatment. Airline sources said he is in stable condition and recovering.

The Tripoli Post has learned that the boy is now being operated on at Al-Khadhra Hospital in Tripoli.

Sources told The Tripoli Post that the boy has a broken leg and other injuries.

The tragic incident occurred at 6:00 a.m. local time.

The plane crashed as it was landing around 200 meters before the fence that separates the airport runway from the premises outside the airport limits. A source told The Tripoli Post that the plane crashed within less than five seconds flying from the runway.

Libya rescue teams were immediately at the scene of the accident. 95 victims were rushed to hospitals in Tripoli.

Mr. Zaidan said a number of victims’ bodies were dismembered. He also said the authorities had found the two black boxes of the plane.

A committee headed by the Libyan Civili Aviation Authority has been established to investigate the causes of the crash.
Very sad news to hear.

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