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Gaddafi: We Reject Terrorism, We Never Abandon Jihad
28/02/2010 19:28:00
Photo: Leader of the Revolution Muammar Gaddafi leads prayer in Benghazi on the occasion of the Birth of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), 25 February2010.

Palestinian Fighting for Return is the Holiest of all Struggles

Speaking on Thursday on the holy occasion of the birth of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), the Leader of the Revolution condemned continuous attempts to equate Islam with terrorism saying that Jihad or armed struggle is a duty and part of the Muslim faith.

He demanded that Muslims declare Jihad against Switzerland and called on the Palestinians to continue their struggle to liberate their occupied homeland.

Leader Gaddafi called on a huge gathering of Muslims to start defending Islam and Muslims that have been subjected to attack everywhere.

The huge crowed which gathered in Benghazi, over 1000 kms east of Tripoli, included delegations who came from more than 90 countries including presidents, prime ministers, kings and VIPs from all over the Islamic world.

Gaddafi said while we reject terrorism of any kind such as that of Al Qaeda, we are entitled to armed struggle to defend ourselves, homes and holy places.

"They want to prevent Muslims from undertaking Jihad which means 'struggle' by calling it 'terrrorism'," Gaddafi said.

By doing so, they aim at terrorizing us so we would not be able to defend ourselves, Gaddafi stressed.

"They destroy mosques in Switzerland, they destroy Al-Aqsa mosque, and they commit aggression against our sanctities and attack our homes as we keep silent. When we react they call our actions terrorism.

"We will not abandon Jihad because it is Islamic duty," he said. "It is the defense of oneself, defense of religion, defense of the Prophet, defense of the Qura'an … defense of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and defense of our independence."

"Any Muslim anywhere in the world buys Swiss goods is an apostate. The one who does so is against Islam, against Prophet Mohammad, against Allah and against Qura'an."

"The masses of Muslims must go to all airports in the Islamic world and prevent any Swiss plane landing, to all harbors and prevent any Swiss ships docking, inspect all shops and markets to stop any Swiss goods being sold," Gaddafi said.

Those who made fun of the Prophet and destroying Al-Aqsa mosque should not be dealt with in anyway and should not be hugged. "Those who do so are not related to Islam."

"We reject terrorism and we do not abandon Jihad"

“It must be clear that the holy Palestinian struggle is Jihad and it is not terrorism," Gaddafi stressed. In Palestine, people are fighting to liberate their country from Zionist occupation, they fight to liberate prisoners from Zionist prisons, they fight to go back to their villages that were occupied in 1948 and 1967, they fight for the return and to its farm that was occupied. All this is holy struggle, it the holiest of struggles," Gaddafi said.
Atomic Power of Jihad

The roots of American invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan may be found in crusade wars initiated by Christian allied forces against Muslims. It seems that European and American leaders are still living in the age of crusades and playing the role of crusaders.

The First Crusade was a joint military venture launched by European Christians in 1095 to fight against the Turks and regain Jerusalem. Many nations of Western Europe, split in different armies, took part in this crusade. It was a remarkable political and religious confrontation between the two civilizations.

The second crusade was also a joint effort of the crusaders. It was announced by Pope Eugene III and was led by European kings including Louis VII of France, Conrad III of Germany and many important European warriors in 1145. The allied forces were defeated and it was a major victory for the Muslims who believed in Jihad.

After the failure of the Second Crusade, between 1189 to 1192, the European leaders attempted to reconquer Jerusalem that was then under the control of Salah al-Din ibn Ayyub. He was a valiant, noble and competent commander who fought bravely against the joint Christian forces. Finally a treaty was signed by which Jerusalem remained under the control of the Muslims. It was the failure of the third crusade---a set back that was probably the cause of frustrated Pope’s death.
In the 21st century the Christian forces once again are united against the Muslims world. Now, in Iraq and Afghanistan, American and its allied Christian forces are going to follow a similar situation in the form of defeat. It is not simply a possible military defeat but also American economy is on the verge of fall. Many million Americans are jobless and unemployment rate has reached its climax. Americans have earned nothing but hatred of Muslims all over the world. Jihad is the life and soul of every Muslim.

Saladin's conquests


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