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Libyans Receive Al-Megrahi’s Release with Open Arms, Shocked at His State of Health
20/08/2009 20:06:00
Photo: The Libyan citizen Abdel Basset al-Megrahi walks towards a waiting aeroplane at Glasgow airport after being released from prison, August 20, 2009. The Scottish justice secretary, Kenny MacAskill told reports in a statement, comforting Lockerbie victims’ families that Megrahi was sent back to Libya from Scotland with an illness that “is terminal, final and irrevocable. He is going to die," he said.

Staff Writer
The Tripoli Post

Tripoli, Libya: Libyans are celebrating this evening the return of their beloved son, Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi, with thousands waiting for his plane to land at Ma’atiqa International airport.

However, those who have had the chance to see today’s photos of Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi in such a bad state of his health are expressing shock. Some of them could not help but shed tears.

Many are blaming the Scottish authorities for not taking care of Megrahi’s health while in prison. They speculate that he was left, on purpose, to die of his cancer.

The statement made by the Scottish justice secretary, Kenny MacAskill, who said Thursday, “Mr Al-Megrahi now faces a sentence imposed by a higher power. It is one that no court, in any jurisdiction, in any land, could revoke or overrule. It is terminal, final and irrevocable. He is going to die,” is being viewed by many Libyans as a case in point.

This statement reads as if the Scottish authorities have made sure that Megrahi dies within days from his release. In other words, Libyans are now convinced that the Megrahi case could be viewed as a premeditated murder on the part of the Scottish prison authorities.

However, despite such down feeling many are celebrating Megrahi’s return home.

The news of Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi’s long anticipated release provoked wide excitement among Libyans. The glad tidings arrived at a time when Libyans are already preparing grand celebrations to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Great Al Fatah Revolution, and welcoming the holy month of Ramadan.

Many of those interviewed by The Tripoli Post expressed great relief at Al-Megrahi’s final return particularly at a time when the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan is commencing. Ramadan is regarded as a symbolic Muslim month that symbolizes forgiveness, happiness and reunion.

“I’m a Libyan citizen and I’m so proud and happy for the release of our colleague and fellow citizen. We are glad that he will finally return to his country and join his family.

“This is a very good occasion because we are in the great occasion of the Great Revolution of Al Fateh and also Ramadan. These are great occasions coming together,” said Dr. Faraj A. Boushalla, management Director of Managerial and Finance with the Libyan Company for Preparation & Urban Development.

“Al-Megrahi is innocent and he is not a criminal, and whatever has happened to him is the result of something going wrong somewhere,” added Dr. Boushalla.

Although Al-Megrahi is reported to be terminally ill with prostate cancer, and therefore his release has been widely termed as being on compassionate grounds, many Libyans have dismissed the fact that Al-Megrahi’s release was on such grounds, citing his innocence as what compelled the West to release him.

“This is a victory for the Libyan people as a result of the efforts of the Leader of the Revolution and other Libyan officials responsible for this case. The West should be the last people to talk about humanity, because they are war criminals themselves as we have witnessed in Gaza, Palestine and Iraq,” lamented an interviewee who wanted to remain anonymous.

“We are very happy for the return of the Libyan hero. We appreciate the Libyan efforts for the release of Megrahi. We know that Megrahi’s imprisonment was politica and that it had nothing to do with the Lockerbie tragedy; but what has been done has been done,” remarked Imad Taib.

“If they consider themselves humans, they should have considered the situation from the very beginning. What we have now discovered is that they are just pretenders. However, we still consider Megrahi’s return as a victory to the Libyan people and Libya generally because the whole world has supported us and knew that Al-Megrahi was oppressed,” said Fathi Mohamed Al-Qadar.
I am not happy with the decision of the Scottish Government regarding the released of this gentlemen...He should be locked up for the remaining of his life...
I am Scottish.

Many in my country believe it is regrettable Al-Megrahi will die of cancer before he has the chance to clear his name. Many believe he is innocent, though there are many who do not.

However, Scottish people care for the sick; they certainly do not plan to kill them. Such a suggestion is wrong.

Al-Megrahi himself said, "For those who assisted in my medical and nursing care; who tried to make my time here as comfortable as possible, I am of course grateful"

Since Al-Megrahi has now abandoned his appeal he is, rightly or wrongly, still considered guilty in the eyes of the law. So our justice minister made it clear that he released Al-Megrahi only because we Scots are merciful to the sick and dying. Even this was against the wishes of the United States, who wanted Al-Megrahi to die in prison. With this in mind, MacAskill heavily geared his statement toward appeasing the United States.

Yet Al-Megrahi is home in time for the start of Ramadan and God-willing he will see his family again before his death. Hopefully there will be a further international inquiry to establish the whole truth once and for all.

As a final point, many in Britain have opposed the wars and occupation in Palestine and Iraq in the past and recent years. For example, millions marched to protest against the invasion of Iraq. But Bush and Blair had their hearts set on war and they got their wish.

Ramadan Kareem.
Scotish government has done the right thing by relaesing Al-Magrahi because Lockerbie bombing was carried out by Israeli agency Mossad to blame & paint Libya as a terrorist state.
But why this shamefull celebration in Libya for Mr Magrahi's release? because there are thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. What about their release? when will George W Bush/ Donald Rumsfield/Dik Chenny willbe punished/ convicted for the murder of President Saddam Hussain & His family & distruction & Killing of thousands of innocent peoples all over the world?
I hope the Libyan people do not really feel this way about the man who helped kill so many innocent people on board the Pan Am flight. He was released because he is dying, and when he dies he will be judged by a higher authority than any of us. Do not listen or fall prey to what you government and media tell you, you are being manipulated.
The "hero" to whom you refer is a convicted murderer of 270 people. There is a possibility that he is innocent, in which case how is he a hero? On the other hand he is probably guilty, in which case you have fairly disgusting heroes. The libyan nation should be ashamed
As a British citizen I would like to express my anger and deep, deep sadness over what has happened to Megrahi. His incarceration in a maximum security prison must have been dreadful.

Sadly most British people accept what they read in papers and what the government tells them. They don't go further. If they thought a little bit more, they would find that their government assumes a veneer of honesty and integrity.

Underneath they would find that the UK government is evil. What has happened to Megrahi is extreme but locking people up for crimes they did not commit in order to hide state crime is common but of course is not reported in newspapers.

What they have done to Megrahi cannot be put into words and I like other people who know the UK government set him up feel deep shame that our country has done this to such an honorable man.

barack obama is a hypocrite for voiceing anger that al-megrahi was released from a foriegn prison.

when just over two weeks ago,two asian-american journalist were treated to a hero's welcome,by our own govt. and press.

not once did you hear from the U.S. govt. that they were caught sneaking into north korea.

not once did you hear that they were given due process and convicted for illegally intering north korea.

barack has proven that he is nothing but a stooly for his white masters.

I am an african-american male
and I know what this govt. is

shame on obama,and the british.they are the biggest mass murderes in the history of mankind
"the Megrahi case could be viewed as a premeditated murder on the part of the Scottish prison authorities."

What? I am Scottish and I find your words deeply offensive. My government has taken a brave decision, has stood up to American pressure and made its own decision. We have shown compassion to this man, and allowed him to go home to his family to live out the final days of his life.

I think a little gratitude is in order. Scottish people are your friends, and certainly did not given Mr al Megrahi his cancer. Had he fallen into the hands of the Americans he would have been executed 8 years ago.

Dear Sir, as you can see there is quite a furore over the Scottish Saltire flag flown at Ma’atiqa International airport.

I believe this to be an expression of solidarity from Libyan citizens thanking Scotland for releasing a terminally ill man with a dubious conviction.

My questions to the people of Libya are these.

Where did the wavers of these flags find them?

Were they bought in Libya?

Were they produced specifically for this occasion?

Were they exported specifically for this event?

Who was waving them?

Thank you.
What a disgusting, un-objective and biased article this is. Just because he is an Arab doesn't mean he's not guilty and he will die a guilty man. He was treated with the utmost respect and humanity by the Scottish prison and health service and i'm certain a foreign national convicted of such an atrocity in Libya would have been put to death by means of capital punishment. Are Libyan's so blinkered and uneducated that they believe a supposedly final stage terminally ill man would look healthy. To celebrate the homecoming of a man who is still considered as guilty is a shameful act on behalf of you of your country and the rest of the world will see you for what you are: A dangerous, propagandist and terrorism supporting country caught in the dark ages. I am certain this won't make onto your website
Al-Megrahi is a murderer and his destination following his death will be hell. Curse you Al-Megrahi! And curse the Libyan people for praising a murderer!
As a Greenockian, and also Proud Scot,I would like to say firstly,It is my personal opinion that Mr Al Megrahi is an innocent man and I believe the right and just decision was made to release him.I'm only sorry that it was not done sooner than this.
As regards Mr Al Megrahi's treatment,and care given to him as a terminally ill man in H.M.P Greenock and also Inverclyde Royal Hospital,I think Mr Al Megrahi's statement upon release shows that while unjustly incarcerated here,he was treated fairly and in the proper manner and care by medical and nursing staff.
I wish Mr Al Megrahi well and also his family who have endured so much,and hope he lives out his days to see true justice done and His name cleared so he can leave this world peacefully, an innocent man.
In Tripoli, western warplanes hit Libya for a fifth night on Thursday,but have so far failed to stop
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