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Wednesday, 2 December, 2015, 5:19 ( 3:19 GMT )
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Dr. Aisha Gaddafi Appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador
24/07/2009 20:56:00
At a a ceremony on 11 July at Watassemo Charity Association headquarters in ‎Tripoli, Dr. Aisha Muammar Al-Gathafi, Secretary-General of Watassemo Charity ‎Association, was appointed as United Nations Development Program National ‎Goodwill Ambassador for Libya. ‎

Dr Aisha Muammar Al-Gathafi's commitment as UNDP National Goodwill ‎Ambassador in Libya will be to raise awareness on issues related to Millennium ‎Development Goals, advocate for women's rights, work on combating the spread of ‎HIV/AIDs and promoting UNDP's work in Libya. ‎
‎ ‎
‎"I am honored to announce that Dr. Aisha Muammar Al-Gathafi has been nominated ‎UNDP National Goodwill Ambassador for Libya" said Mr. Brian Gleeson, Resident ‎Representative of UNDP and Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Libya. ‎

‎"In her commitment with Watassemo Charity Association" continued Brian Gleeson, ‎‎"she has been determined to raise awareness and draw the attention of the media, ‎decision-makers and the general public on issues such as human rights, people ‎suffering from HIV/AIDS, poverty and victims of injustice and conflict". ‎
‎ ‎
As an activist of the Libyan society and for her passion for, dedication to, and ‎leadership of the activities of the Wattasemo Charity Association, Dr. Al-Gathafi's is ‎a positive and constructive example for Libyan youth. ‎

In close collaboration with UNDP Country Office in Libya, Dr Aisha Muammar Al-‎Gathafi's terms of reference are: ‎
‎- Encourage social change and national policies in Libya to promote MDGs, women's ‎rights and combat HIV/AIDS. ‎
‎- Promote and participate in information and awareness campaigns to cause social and ‎cultural changes so that HIV/AIDS prevention can be more effective, especially in ‎rural areas. ‎
‎- Help disseminate information to the public about UNDP work and obtain the ‎attention of all sectors of the country, including governmental and non-governmental.‎
She can't buy respect , even when given by the UN in exchange for money that she she does not own. She needs to learn how to earn respect not rent it with stolen money.
May god bless her in her time of
trouble and sorrow.Not everyone
is swept up in this mass media's propaganda parade of injustice!
Stay Strong!
how about the sex
@ Hafed and @ Ross How dare you utter such an outrageous accusation, without a scrap of evidence, that Dr. Aisha Qathafi would have bought the award. You are disgusting vile conspirators! To Dr. Aisha Qathafi and to Libyans, we extend heartfelt congratulations!
I have my good understanding on her good service to the remote conservative group in Libya and hope she will continue here service to the human race always,may god bless here forever.
Well said Hafed.
You were right and judging from the lack of comment on this page you were the only one to have your feet on the ground.
I would say that the west's attitude is always that we long for sinners to find their way out of their sin but this time it was more wishful thinking than actual hard evidence we believed.
A little more objectivity is needed here in respect of those oppressed. Maybe we should have listened to the people of Libya more carefully before awarding her the accolade.
Poor girl. I feel sorry for her. That work was good for her
I certainly believe that this woman doesn't fit this delegation, simply becouse she doesn't have the minmum in the sinse of huminity so how can she give something she doesn't have .
dr ayesheh ghazzafi ambassador of honor by un.
she knew how his father did good for Libya how helped
france by 50 milliard usd for election of sombody body
rahmatollahe aleyh and hello with respect to ayeshe. dr and mother please send me the news paper to my mail and respect to dr ayeshe from me
If Ms. Aisha was bought must cancel the UN does not want it,,, God Save Aisha and her family.
every body must have respect
to Dr ayeshe ghazzafi her goodwill ambassadorial of uno is not rented it is honor title for honor peoples i knew she is sad for families but she must understate she is honor for the country and wold

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