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Limited Reshuffle in GP Congress, GP Committee
06/03/2009 19:09:00
Photo: Seen in these photos a number of the Secretaries of the new General People’s Committee who were appointed by the General People’s Congress on Wednesday night during its meeting in Sirte, 1-4 March 2009. Above left to right: Albaghdadi Al-Mahmoudi, Secretary of GPCommittee; Mussa Kussa, Secretary of the Foreign Affairs; Abdulhafihd Zlitni, Secretary of Planning and Treasury; Abdulfattah Yunis, Secretary of Public Security. Below left to right: Ali Hessnawi, Secretary of the Bureau of Treasury Review; Mohammad Al-Hwaij, Secretary of Industry, Economy and Trade; Ma’atouq M. Ma’atouq, Secretary of Facilities; Aboubaker Al-Mansouri, Secretary of Agriculture, Animal and Marine Resources.

The General People's Congress on Wednesday night's concluding session introduced limited changes to the General People's Committee that included the appointment of Mr. Mussa Kussa as Secretary of GPC of Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation.

Kussa, Libya's secret service chief for fifteen years, replaced Abdulrahman Shalgham who held the post for eight years.

The changes affected six Secretaries of the 15 GPCs and kept the post of the Secretary of the General People's Committee with Al-Baghdadi Mahmudi.

The new cabinet list saw three newcomers at the telecommunications, health and education ministries while several others were abolished or absorbed into other ministries.

The other members of the cabinet include: Mahmoud Mohamed Hijazi, Secretary of Health and Environment; Dr. Abdul Hafidh Zelitni, Secretary of Planning and Finance; Mohamed al Huwaij, Secretary of Industry, Economy and Trade; Ma'atouq M. Ma'atouq, Secretary of Public Utilities; Ibrahim Sharif, Secretary of Social Affairs; Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Secretary of Justice; General Abdul Fatah Younis, Secretary of Public Security; Dr Abdul Kabir al Fakhri, Secretary of Education and Research; and Mohamed Ali Zidan, Secretary of Transportation.

There were also changes at the Secretariate of the General People's Congress where Imbarek Al-Shamekh became Secretary and the GPCognress, Al-Tayeb Al-Safi, Secretary of Infrastructure Affairs while Mohamed Tabou was appointed Secretary of Production Affairs. The three took oath on Thursday.

In addition, a new Secretary for the National Planning Council, Dr. Bashir Ali Zimbil, was appointed to replace Dr. Mahmoud Jibril.

The new Secretaries of GPC of different sectors who were chosen to the posts by the General People's Congress by virtue of Decree NO.11 for 1377DP, have also took oath today before the Secretariat of the General People's Congress. These include Zlitni, Huwaij, Zidan and Ma’atouq.

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