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Libya Names Stadium after Hugo Chavez
06/03/2009 19:04:00
Photo: Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez

Libya's Olympics Committee has inaugurated a new sports stadium in a northeastern port city and named it after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

A statement from the committee says the inauguration in Benghazi on Thursday was 'an expression of appreciation to Chavez' revolutionary program and his efforts to unite Latin America.

The dedication of the stadium was made by Mohammad Gaddafi the president of the Olympics Committee in the presence of Venezuela’s Charge d'affaires in Libya.

It says the stadium's capacity is 11,000 visitors. Libya has strong ties with Chavez, who has visited the country several times.

Chavez is enjoying a huge support among Arabs and Muslims alike for his courageous stands beside the just Arab causes and their struggle for liberation in Palestine.

He severed diplomatic relations with Israel early this year in protest against the war crimes committed by the Zionist state against the unarmed people in Gaza strip that lasted for 22 days.

Libya awarded Chavez in 2004 with the Gaddafi Human Rights Prize for battling ''the effects of imperialism and the enemies of freedom inside and outside'' Venezuela.


Email Contacts : hugocha17@gmail.com; mahmomodoukn@gmail.com. 27 March, 2009.


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has demonstrated so many ways that he
is a true leader, a bridge builder between continents, a unifier
between nations and above all a symbol of hope in the 21st century. He
has enabled his Government to focus its energies and capabilities on
uplifting the living standards of the people of Venezuela, and helped
freed the Latin American nation from the stranglehold of imperialism
and local reactionary, oppressive and fascist oligarchy empire.

Known to many Africans as the « Osagyfo of Latin America », Mr. Hugo
Chavez has dedicated his presidency to bring the comprador government
of President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia and its Para-military guerrilla
opponents on the peace table to end the tears, sorrows, pains,
tribulations, traumas, degradation, dehumanisation and frenzies
associated with the world’s longest and devastating senseless civil
war in the hemisphere. He has helped to lay the foundation for the
release of all hostages held by Colombia’s Para-military groups and
for return of the Southern American nation into the comity of
civilised nations.

Wise, charismatic and visionary leader, President Hugo Chavez’s
commitment to peace, freedom and human dignity is evident everywhere.
By focusing efforts on restoring the lost dignity of the Venezuelan
people, President Hugo Chavez has resisted the US destabilisation
efforts in Latin America, subversive plans carried out by the Agency
for International Development, the National Endowment for Democracy,
the corporate media, immoral international instruments and other tools
employed by the US to dominate humanity.

In his determination to fight terrorism and organised crime, President
Hugo Chavez has demanded the immediate extradition of international
terrorist criminal Luis Posada from Florida in the USA to Venezuela,
where he is currently wanted for bombing Cuban airliner in 1976,
killing all 73 people on board. The President has also demanded the
international community to exert pressure on the US to send Posada
Carriles to face justice for crimes committed against humanity.

On promoting and defending peace, human rights and freedom around the
globe, President Hugo Chavez has identified himself with the noble and
just causes of the oppressed humankind, especially Arabs in Palestine,
Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. He has denounced the Israel’s unending
holocaust campaign against Arabs in the Middle East and Africa, as
criminal tactics that were only employed by the Nazis criminals during
World war II.

On his special love for Africa and black people everywhere, President
Hugo Chavez has been speaking for Africa in international gathering.
He has so many times call on multilateral lending institutions such as
the International Monetary Fund, London Club, Paris Club and World
Bank to write off all debts incurred by the continent, and demand that
these international creditors end their heinous orthodox policies
toward Africa. The President has also given strong support for the
formation of the Union Government of Africa as the moral path towards
ensuring lasting peace, freedom and development on the continent. He
has proposed for a unity triangle between Africa, the Caribbean and
Latin America.

The decision by the Libyan Olympic Committee to name Libya’s sports
stadium in the North-eastern port city of Benghazi after Venezuelan
President Hugo Chavez is a right step to honour good leaders and to
inculcate the spirit of justice, morality, freedom and dignity amongst
the world’s leaders. It must be stated here also that, President Hugo
Chavez was in 2004 awarded with the Gaddafi Human Rights Prize for
resisting the evils of imperialism and the detractors of Venezuela,
both in and outside the Latin American country.

This is not the first time that the President of Venezuela has been
honoured on the African soil. In 2007, a group of Africans met in
Bamako, Mali to form an International Foundation for Peace, Friendship
and Solidarity, which was named after Hugo Chavez.

The Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and
Solidarity (HCI-FPFS) warmly congratulates President Hugo Chavez on
being honoured once again on the African soil with the naming of one
of Libya(s sports stadium after him. President Chavez beliefs in
socialism of the 21st century, for peace, human rights, social
justice, and respect for sovereignty of the people, economic
emancipation, dignity and development speak volumes in justification
for backing such honour.

We thank President Hugo Chavez for standing up against imperialism and
all its vestiges of racist Zionism, injustice and terrorism. We thank
President Hugo Chavez for defending the oppressed in a world that
believes in enriching a cabal of few capitalist thieves at the tears
and sorrows of the people. The world needs President Hugo Chavez to
help change the lives of many living in oppressed societies.

Besides the importance of this great honour, we in the Hugo Chavez
International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity
(HCI-FPFS) believe the Libyan Olympic Committee, and of course other
sports Institutions in the world have given the Venezuelan people a
“deserving and perfect gift”. The Libyan Olympic Committee, headed by
Dr. Mohammed Gaddafi has in deed reinforced the illuminating
personality and integrity of the Venezuelan leader, and made him a
perfect role model to humankind.

Words alone cannot express the happiness and joy that this honour has
brought to us in the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace,
Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS). Our congratulations therefore do
not only go to President Hugo Chavez, but also to all the people of
Venezuela and Latin America, as well as the progressive world. The
Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and
Solidarity (HCI-FPFS) is grateful that this great son of Venezuela,
and of Latin America has been shared with Africa and the global
village community, making him and his beliefs a precious gift to humankind.

Long live Africa-Latin America-Caribbean solidarity!


Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh

President of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace,
Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS).

For, and on behalf of executives, staffs and supporters of the Hugo
Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Long live Qaddafi and Chavez
Hugo chavez es un cagon!!! jajajajaja

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