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AU Chairman: Hard Evidence Proves Israel behind Darfur Conflict
28/02/2009 14:16:00
Photo: Shadowy killers like the ones in this picture are supported by Israel to commit crimes against humanity the way the Zionist state is doing in Gaza.

Tripoli-"The problems facing Africa are not caused by Africans but rather by foreign forces with economic and political objectives in Africa," the Chairman of the African Union (AU) Muammar Gaddafi told participants in a UNESCO-organized conference in Tripoli on Tuesday.

Speaking on behalf of the whole African continent, Gaddafi warned foreign forces not to interfere in the internal affairs of African countries and mentioned the case of Mauritania where foreign forces could transforms local conflict on power into an international one.

Gaddafi said "we do not reveal a secret as we announce that we have found material evidence proving clearly that foreign forces are behind the Darfur problem and are fanning its fire."

"Some of the important leaders of the Darfur rebels have opened offices in Tel Aviv and hold meetings with the military there to add fuel to the fire," the AU Chairman added.

He demanded that any international legal proceedings against Omar al-Beshir be halted immediately, charging that it was Israel and not the Sudanese president who was to blame for the Darfur conflict.

Gaddafi said "as long as it has been proved that it is Israel who is behind Darfur, why then we hold Bashir or the Sudanese government responsible when the Darfur problem was caused by outside parties."

"The ICC, the United Nations and the international community must turn their attentions towards the guilty party in this dramatic conflict... the party which turned this banal dispute between tribes over camels into an international crisis," the AU Chairman said.

Gaddafi said we tell foreign forces "Stop, do not interfere in African affairs. Africa is able to solve its problems by itself and your interference made its problems worse."

Gaddafi said the Africans did not interfere in the Irish-British conflict nor in the conflicts that are going on in North America and Europe and, therefore, they should not interfere in our problems.

The International Criminal Court said on Monday that it will rule next week on whether to issue a warrant for the arrest of Beshir on charges of war crimes, including genocide, in Darfur.

On 16 February, Haaretz published a report saying that "a leader of one of the rebel groups in Sudan's Darfur region recently visited Israel to discuss with a senior Israeli official the situation in Sudan."

Haaretz said "Abdel Wahid al-Nur is the head of the Sudan Liberation Movement. While in Israel, he met with the senior official and discussed with him the ongoing conflict in Sudan."

Haaretz quoted a Defense Ministry official as saying: "In the interests of national security, various and sundry meetings are held.

We are not in the habit of giving responses after each of these meetings."

The paper said "Israel currently has more than 600 Darfur refugees, and Ehud Olmert's government decided to grant them all asylum and work permits."
This is so true and there is no doubt, however Africa is powerless and all evidence is considered conspiracy and hearsay. The ICC should incriminate the Israelis for their involvement and Adbelwahid should be dealt with accordingly. why did he not join his brothers in Doha? Africa must unite and save Sudan, a country capable of feeding the world!
Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League


Email contacts : freedomsal@yahoo.fr; salpedel@caramail.com; changethesystem@hotmail.com.

« The existence of the International Criminal Court (ICC) itself is a crime against humanity….because it disregards the principles of the sovereignty of nation-state ».

By Lyndon LaRouche-America’s leading statesman and advocate for kicking the British Empire out of Africa.

Public Statement Date: 31st. March, 2009.


The Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL) is an affiliate of the Green Charter International (GCI), for peace, democracy, human rights, rule of law, freedom, justice and dignity.

We all seek justice and not the kind of selective justice in the so-called International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. Much as we abhor all acts of impunity, we view the policy of hate and obnoxious racism pursued by the ICC against President Omar Hassan Al-Bachir, the democratically elected Government and people of the Sudan, as nothing but a new agenda to retard progress and ruin the African continent.

This policy of the ICC, which is being carried out in the most vicious way forms the bedrock of the new agenda of foreign powers to dominate and control Africa. It is a new form of colonialism that we in the PDL reject in all its ramifications. It is also an unfortunate and misguided steps, which constitute nothing but attempts to subvert independent sovereignties of member-states of the United Nations that are opposed to the endless holocaust campaign against the people of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are deeply concerned that the savage, hateful and race-filled war against African leaders and peoples would lead to unpredictable and unpreventable consequences of international dimensions. We therefore, as a Pan-African organ, issue this public statement to differ our position and opinion from that held by some misled European and American citizens, including those who ought to know better and who have been duped by the ICC’s vicious agenda towards President Omar Hassan Bachir, the elected Government and people of the Sudan.

No one can deny the fact that the democratically elected Government of the Sudan, led by His Excellency Dr. Omar Hassan Al-Bachir has been doing just what is needed of a responsible and responsive government to defend its national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity against terrorism. No one ever denies that the current terrorist rebel groups operating in Darfur were recruited, camped, trained, armed and funded by the monstrous Zionist empire in the Middle-East to unleash terror on Sudan. We reject the use of violence means to achieve an agenda.

The truth behind the Zionist holocaust campaign in Darfur region of the Sudan cannot be buried so easily under the carpet. For the last decade, Israel has been stepping clandestinely to undermine Sudan’s legitimate Government and the moral Islamic ethics on which it was built. The objective is simple: to have control over the Islamic state and replace the elected Government of President Omar Hassan Al-Bachir with a satellite regime against African and Arab nations.

Strategies employed by the Zionist state include:

a. Hiring the services of Swiss based Christian Solidarity International (CSI) to concoct and disseminating malicious lies to justify a repeat of the 1998 US invasion and bombing of public infrastructural facilities and other non-military installations in the Sudan.

b. Not only supplying war materials, but also see to it that all terrorist groups in Darfur, which are fighting against the elected Government and people of the Sudan each has office and central command axis in Tel-Aviv.

c. Employing the tool of British Empire’s Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and his narcotic henchman George Soros, represented by the ICC to do the dirty job of duping the international community into the anti-African motivated Zionist manipulative mechanisms in the Sudanese region of Darfur.

d. Hiding behind the facade of US based Anti Defamatory League (ADL) to vilify the legitimate Government of the Sudan amongst US Congress members.

e. Corrupting conscienceless politicians on the continent to accomplish a vicious agenda.

On the current mind-game referred to as « ICC’s indictment of President Omar Hassan Al-Bachir of the Sudan », the PDL does not support any attempt by outsiders to meddle in the internal affairs of Africa. We respect the unified position of the African Union (AU), League of Arab States, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and Non-Align Movement (NAM) in solidarity with the Sudan. Moreover, we state that, the indictment of President Bachir by the ICC constitute gigantic insults and disrespect for authority of African and Arab leaders who have been working towards achieving lasting peace in the Sudanese volatile region of Darfur.

The ICC cannot pretend to love Africa more than African leaders themselves who have rallied their unflinched support behind their compatriots in the Sudan, and who have also set an objective plan of action to ensure that peace and stability return to Darfur in the next twelve months. It comes to say that, the ICC’s policy towards the Sudan is a complete affront to peace, security and stability in Africa and beyond. It reinforces the violent activities of Israeli funded terrorist groups that are bent on unleashing mayhem and genocide on the people of the Sudan.

If anything, the ICC cannot defend its decision, because it is based on fictitious reports by hostile aide groups align with the Zionist empire’s evil agenda on the continent. The ICC has never made attempt to visit the Sudan but made conclusion based on the designs and tastes of Zionism.

We challenge the ICC to focus on helping the continent, and not be used as tool of destabilisation by seeking justice and reparation for Africans who have suffered the heinous crimes committed during the obnoxious Trans-Atlantic slave trade, the ruthless colonialism, the tragic apartheid enclave in Southern Africa and post independence political assassinations and destabilisation efforts promoted on the continent by foreign detractors.

While we demand that United Nations Security Council condemn Israel’s holocaust campaign in the Sudan, we call upon peace-loving people everywhere to exert pressure on the United States and Western European nations to stop Israel from continued meddling in Africa’s internal matters.

We call all Africans to rally behind our compatriots in the Sudan, to promote the spirit of dialogue, understanding and reconciliation across the continent. This is the only way we can guarantee a decent future for generations of Africans.

By this public statement, we reiterate our support and solidarity with President Omar Hassan Al-Bachir, the democratically elected Government and people of the Sudan in confronting the injustice of the new order.

Kick Zionist Empire out of Africa!

Kick British Empire out of Africa!

Kick Imperialist Empire out of Africa!

Kick all foreign military bases out of Africa!

Support the Union Government of Africa!


Amadu Bailor Bah

PDL Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Solidarity.

This newspaper would be sad if it wasn't so funny and filled with propaganda. You said that Egypt supports Israel crimes in Gaza. Egypt does not. Also it's debatable as to whether it's a war crime.

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