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Libyans Prepare Big Welcome for Gaza Aid Convoy
20/02/2009 19:08:00
Photo: Destination Gaza. British citizens cheering as the convoys were leaving Hyde Park to deliver aid to the people of Gaza who have suffered so much from Israeli crimes against humanity, Sunday 15 February 2009.

On Tuesday 24 February 2009, the Gaza Aid Convoy which includes more than 120 vehicles will be arriving Ras Jdair border gate with Tunisia.

Libyans at the public and official levels are preparing to welcome the convoy with cheers and support for their noble undertaking that is devote to lift some of the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza caused by continuous Israeli crimes against humanity.

The convoy is expected to take the span of four days to cross Libyan territories and drive over 1,900 kms, in order to reach Imsa'id's border post with Egypt on Saturday 28 February.

Leading the welcome preparations of the convoy is the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation (GICDF) which said it is to join the Gaza Aid Convey with its own convey of medical aid.

GICDF has for over a week been contacting Libyan public and private institutions to contribute to the aid convey and to take part in the welcoming of the people coming from Britain.

According to GICDF, the pro-Palestinians British PM George Galloway, the force behind the aid initiative, has been in contact with the foundation and coordinating with it.

GICDF said Mr. Galloway praises the Libyan people's help and support he received in 1999 when he launched "Miriam Call" in the support of the Iraqi people.

GICDF has taken all necessary measures to make the Gaza Aid Convoy's traveling through Libyan cities and territories as smooth as it can possibly be.

A statement released by GICDF said that its officials are in continuous contact with the organizers of the Gaza Aid Convey all the time.

The convoy will make five stops in Libya including Ras Jdair, Tripoli, Misurata, Marble Arch, Benghazi and Imsa'id.

The convoy, which is organized by the Viva Palestina umbrella group, is traveling 8,000 kilometers (5000 miles) and will be crossing into Gaza at Rafah, Egypt in early March.

Hundreds of volunteers are driving the aid convoy, which includes 12 ambulances, a boat and trucks full of medicines, tools, clothes, blankets and shoe-boxes as well as gifts for children.

Speaking to the 300 volunteers, right before leaving Hyde Park in downtown London on 15 Feb., Galloway said "there is an intifada sweeping Britain. It is a massive and peaceful movement in support of the beleaguered population of Gaza and Palestine."

"It is happening everywhere, but is especially strong in the north of England and especially among young Muslims," he added. By Tuesday Feb. 17 the convoy arrived in Spain and crossed to Morocco on Wednesday.

Journalist Yvonne Ridley wrote: "When you consider Viva Palestina was nothing more than a pipe dream five weeks ago, the achievement of pulling together the convoy has been nothing short of staggering."

"The brainchild and initiative of Britain's best known politician RESPECT MP George Galloway, Viva Palestina has already motored its way into the record books and it is set to get even bigger. Not a man usually lost for words, the Bethnal Green and Bow MP looked overcome with emotion as he greeted and then waved off every single vehicle."
Great article!
I'm quite disgusted that the media - even the progressive, non-mainstream media - isn't covering the aid/peace-activist convoy to Gaza. In my view it's REALLY news, that 'ordinary people' take matters into their own hands this way.. we all could learn a thing or two from this (disclaimer: I was a member of the not quite succesful, but still empowering Human Shield Mission to Iraq, in 2003)

ANYWAY, to do my bit, I've set up a blog with news, updates, video and an online petition from the Viva Palestina aid convoy:

Please help spread the word to as many people as possible. This really could make a huge difference!

Peter Kofod, former 'human shield' in Iraq.
Dear all taking part in this historic convoy here in the uk or in the caravan, we admire your corouge and tenacity. we pray allah to give you all the stregth and guidance in all your steps.
Fantastic news and a credit to all those involved,wish i was there.Im sure the kindness of the Libyan people in welcoming this convoy will be first class.I hope your paper gives it excellent coverage.
Jesus said:

Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethrens that you did unto me.

Hi my dad has gone over with the convoy aid i just wish all the brothers who have joined as one to full fill this gud luck and a safe journey.
I am delighted to hear that Libya is supportive to this convoy. Very Happy about the GICDF joining the convoy :)
all the best wishe for the aid convoy and safety of its driver .
I am not sure that the Israelis will allow the aid convoy to enter Gaza because they do not want the people of Gaza to live as evident from their treatment of the Palestinians for the last one hundred years--stealing their land, killing and maiming them, destroying their homes and villages. But the Palestinians will never succumb to this treatment. Viva Palestine.

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