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Arab League Ministerial Council Re news Call for Al-Megrahi Release
14/09/2008 03:21:00
According to the Libyan news agency JANA, the Arab League Ministerial Council has reiterated a demand to release the political hostage Libyan national Abd al Basset al Megrahi.

It also endorsed Libya's right to compensation for the damage sustained as result of the Lockerbie case and the consequent unfair UN sanctions that lasted for about nine years.

The council renewed in a resolution issued at the end of its 130th session held at the headquarters in Cairo last night a demand for the release of al Megrahi, the Libyan national imprisoned in Scotland in connection with the Lockerbie case, urging the government of the UK to release document requested by al Megrahi's defence before the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission.

The resolution said Britain's refusal to release the document represented a miscarriage of justice.

Libya was represented at the meeting by the Secretary of Arab Affairs at the General People's Committee of the Foreign Liaison Bureau.
After clear discharge proves is clear for Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd in Switzerland, Libya and his official Abdelbaset Al Megrahi were deliberately entangled with the bombing of PanAm 103 by the manipulated piece of evidence MST-13 timer fragment (PT-35B).
No doubt, Libya and Mr Megrahi have nothing to do with the Lockerbie-Tragedy!

Also the Scottish police had information that might have changed the outcome of the Lockerbie bombing trial, a BBC TV programme has learned.
The information could have affected the credibility of key evidence, the manipulated MEBO MST-13 Timer-Fragment, was not from a timer delivered to Libya! The most logical possibility is that the bombing-story 'PanAm-103' was specifically constructed to blame Libya.

The truth will confirm it on, the official Libya's, Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, was the victims no.271 in the 'Lockerbie Affair'...

Very little has been said about the suffering of the Libyan people during the years of sanctions. How many died because of lack of medical supplies or hospital equipment?

Some of the Lockerbie victims Families (PanAm 103 aircrash)
say the cordial words:

It is to be believed absolutely that all relatives of the victims of Flight PanAm-103 would gladly repay any 'compensation' money from Libya if he could just have our loved ones back.

To the memory:

The trial under Scottish law, the accused Mr Al Megrahi was found guilty on Jannuary 31, 2001, of mass murder (270 killed) and is serving a life sentence (27 years) in Greenock prison at Glasgow in Scotland. Mr Megrahi and protests till today his innocence.

The Scottish judicial review commission (SCCRC) came across important relieve-evidence (some that was available to prosecutors but not the defense during Megrahi's trial) suggesting that the Libyan was framed and the the legal judgement was in all probability a miscariage of justice!

Entitled question for the Lockerbie victims Families group (PanAm 103 aircrash)?:

Which will happened with the 'compensation' money of US$ 2,7 billion from Libya Foundation, if Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, of the same Scottish jurisdiction, as innocent revived?
I believe that the entire world population then expected, that then the unauthorized received
'compensation' will pay back to the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation, Saif el Islam Gaddafi.
The reproach would be then incorrect that the survivors are greedy and have required on the back of their victims blood money.
Pls. read more on our webage: http://www.lockerbie.ch

by Edwin & Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd


MEBO Proposal for a partial disclosure of the document "under national security"

In order that the content of the document "under national security" and the country involved are not publicly disclosed there is the possibility that

1 member of the SCCRC and 2 personalities either/or of
the EU or the UNO

would have access to view this important document under the condition of not making the country involved and the content of the document public.
But the content of the document "under national security" could be used for the benefit of Abdelbaset al Megrahi's appeal proceedings.

In the sense of the Arab League. Edwin Bollier


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