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Berlusconi in Benghazi, Unwelcome by Son of Omar Al-Mukhtar
30/08/2008 15:47:00
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi arrived today in Benghazi, Libya where he announced that he would sign a deal with Libya according to which Italy will invest five billion Dollars in 25 years.

"The accord will provide for 200 million dollars a year over the next 25 years through investments in infrastructure projects in Libya," Berlusconi said in remarks translated into Arabic.

"This agreement should put an end to 40 years of discord. It is a concrete and moral acknowledgment of the damage inflicted on Libya by Italy during the colonial era," he told reporters.

The Libyan hero Omar Al-Mukhtar's family in Benghazi as well as historians of the Italian colonialist era in Libya reject Berlusconi visit and said that he should have visited the site of Italian concentration camps in Solug where tens of thousand of Libyan men, women and children were killed by Italian occupiers.

Omar Al-Mukhtar's son, Mohammad who is now in his eighties, told aljazeera.net that he would not meet Berlusconi even if Libyan authorities asked him to do so.

Mohammad Al-Mukhtar said "I will reject meeting Berlusconi in Rodolfo Graziani palace in Benghazi. This country [Italy] hates the Libyan people and hates Omar Al-Mukhtar."

Graziani commanded the Italian occupying forces in Libya. He was responsible for the construction of several concentration camps and labor camps, where tens of thousands Libyan prisoners died, if not killed directly by hanging, like Omar Mukhtar, or bullets, then indirectly by starvation or disease. His deeds earned him the nickname "the Butcher of Libya" between the Arabs, but was called by the Italians the Pacifier of Libya ("Pacificatore della Libia").

The Libyan historian Wahhbi Al-Bouri said that whatever the amount paid by Italy in compensation for its colonial era in Libya would not meet the war crimes committed by its forces in the country.

Al-Bouri told aljazeera net the Italian occupation detained more than 80,000 Libyans more than 50 percent of which died under torture, hunger and disease in detentions.

Italy sentenced Omar Al-Mukhtar to death and hanged him in front of thousand of Libyans who were brought by force to attend the hanging on 16 September 1931.

Italy also on Saturday returned a Roman statue of the goddess Venus dating back to the second century which was found in 1913 by Italian troops near the ruins of the Greek and Roman settlement of Cyrene, on the Libyan coast.

Berlusconi was greeted by government ministers at the airport in the eastern city of Benghazi airport and will meet Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi later to sign the pact, Libyan officials said.
'Burry the Hatchet' , 'Forget and forget', far-sighted, broad minded and civilized people never ever duel on the past, its mistakes, weaknesses and tragedies. Well civilized people always look forward for the mutual benefits of both people.

The Honorable, Mr. Berlusconi is proven to be a model leader. He is an extremely far sighted and broad minded constructive and positive leader.

He apologized on behalf of the mistakes and the weaknesses of the mis-lead past generations and extended his hands towards genuine friendships and neighbourhood friends that always need each other in good and bad times, regardless of what have happened in the past.

The Italians and the Libyans have lots of things in common and similaries culturally and valuewise. I am certain, if their friendships, exchanges, cooperation, understanding, partnerships, mutual respect and cooperation well nartured, managed, supported and postitively advanced and expanded will have excellent outcomes for both neighbours in all areas, culturally, economically, technically and peacefully.
good the accord, but good men for good start accord
will we see in the future a US president kiss the hands of Saddam grandchildren?
To both Libya and Italy and to the rest of the civilized cultures and nations who are involved in mutual exchanges, trade, development, partnerships and cooperation in all fields to move positively forward in your healthy work with out being distracted, shaken and confused by selfish, jealous and narrow minded opportune cultures and nations.

Many poorly behaved narrow minded demagogues, agitators and bigots is not in their interests to see Libya and Italy neighbours and as a matter of fact Libya and the rest of the well developed and civilized world to work together, learn from each other, exchange, develop and cooperate for the seek of prosperity, innvation, rule of law, stability, peace and justice.

the best solution is to safeguard, support and strengthen this type of healthy approaches. Meanwhile to ignore and never ever let the misled, the jealous and the bigot selfish narrow minded distract or shake up this healthy and forward far-sighted visions and approaches.
Re: HH Pope Benedict XVI identifies some divine issues for Africa : Vatican News VISnews 091005 Monday, 05 Oct 2009

-Africa represents an enormous spiritual 'lung' for a humanity
-First Virus illness of the 'lung' - Western materialism combined with relativist and nihilist thinking
-Second Virus Religious fundamentalism following a logic that is opposed to divine logic
-Spiritual toxic waste exported by the First World contaminating the peoples of other continents
-Colonialism which appears to be over at a political level but has never really come to an end
-Matrimony through marriage as approved by Divine Scripture

On 4 Oct.2009 at 9:30 a.m. HH Pope Benedict XVI said:

QUOTE [from Vatican Press Release VISnews 091005 Monday, 05 Oct 2009]

..."Africa is the repository of an inestimable treasure for the whole world: its deep sense of God. ... When we speak of the treasures of Africa, our thoughts immediately turn to the resources its land is rich in and that, unfortunately, have become and often continue to be a reason for exploitation, conflict and corruption. The Word of God, instead, makes us look at another inheritance: the spiritual and cultural inheritance, of which humanity has even greater need than it does of raw materials".

Africa, the Pope went on, "represents an enormous spiritual 'lung' for a humanity that appears to be in a crisis of faith and hope. But this 'lung' can take ill as well. And, at the moment, at least two dangerous pathologies are attacking it: firstly, an illness that is already widespread in the West, that is, practical materialism, combined with relativist and nihilist thinking".

"There is", he went on, "absolutely no doubt that the so-called First World has exported and continues to export its spiritual toxic waste that contaminates the peoples of other continents, in particular those of Africa. In this sense, colonialism which is over at a political level, has never really entirely come to an end".

The "second 'virus' that could hit Africa", he said, "is religious fundamentalism, mixed with political and economic interests. Groups who follow various religious creeds are spreading throughout the continent of Africa: they do so in God's name, but following a logic that is opposed to divine logic, that is, teaching and practicing not love and respect for freedom, but intolerance and violence".

Matrimony, the Holy Father went on, "as it is presented to us in the Bible, does not exist outside of the relationship with God. Married life between a man and a woman, and therefore of the family that springs from that, is inscribed into the communion with God ........ In as much as it protects and develops its faith, Africa will discover immense resources to support the family built on matrimony".


Unfortunately, First World administrations have been promoting and protecting sins and evils of atheism, agnosticism, materialism, hedonism and social perversions (fornication, extra-marital sex, live-together, homosexual living etc.) which is contrary to Divine Will.
Believers in God irrespective of religious identities and differences need to join their hands in common Divine Cause.


Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon

Kazi Azizul Huq
(ibn Abdulhuq ibn Izzatullah ibn Abdulhamid)
International Affairs Secretary

Tel: 8411436, 01819 407963
Fax:+880-2-8411436 E-mail: khelafat@dhaka.net
Blog: www.bangladeshkhelafatandolan.blogspot.com

when the families of the gypsies, jews and other poor races that were tortured and killed by hitler "the turd" can forgive him, can the libyans forget what was done to their people and to this man's FATHER. I too would also feel hate if a certain group of people killed my father and people. although burlesconi(partyman) wasnt responsible, he represents the country that invaded, killed, and raped the land of this man... would you meet up with him??

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