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Libya With Second Highest Number of Road Accidents
15/03/2008 18:09:00

Car Road Accidents killed 2,138 in 2007

Figures just published and disclosed to PANA reveal that, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Libya has the second highest number of road accident in the Arab world. Last year alone the mortality rate resulting from road accidents on our roads reached the alarming figure of 2,138 people.

The figures, obtained from a police source also indicate that during the same year the country recorded 3,670 motor accidents.

The phenomenon, which is causing great concern, also shows that road accidents left 5,959 people seriously wounded. Some of them died from wounds sustained during accidents.

The 2,138 deaths for 2007 are quit shocking, but there are other figures related to this phenomenon that are just as shocking.

Road accidents that occurred between 2003 and 2007 have killed 9,330 people and accidents, involving 77,507 vehicles.

These high indicators have led Libyan authorities to take the phenomenon of road accidents very seriously and they have decided to organise, next month, a national conference to discuss this phenomenon in collaboration with international experts, aimed at shedding more light on safe driving.

While striving to reveal to the wider public, its reality, using statistics available on t he subject, the conference will study the phenomenon in all its ramifications.

Libyan security officials indicated that the highest average of accidents is recorded between June and December, during the holidays and social events, when pressure on the traffic becomes denser.

Causes of such accidents are mostly attributed to excessive speed and among other reasons, to secondary openings on the main roads.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) latest figures, Libya is the second Arab country with the highest number of accidents, behind Oman.
Another day another car crash.

Last night before my very eyes, two cars in front, I saw an almost fatal car crash.
A car on the opposite side of the road, as if in a state of madness, veered off his side of the road accelerating hitting a car on the opposite side of the road head on, severely injuring a family of four.
It was if the car actually wanted to hit the other car because it made no attempt to slow down and ploughed right into the other car head on.
The innocent party without fault was a family of four ; a father, mother and two older boys were in a state of shock suffered bleeding cuts to there hands and faces.
I felt so sorry for this family. They had been driving safely, on their side of the road at a reasonable speed. They had been innocent victims of what I term as a crazy driver. I do not believe the guilty driver could have passed a driving test. I could not think of the reason for him to have driven like this, unless he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In Benghazi the numbers of traffic police has increased over the last few months significantly and they are doing a much better job. The traffic laws are being enforced much more strictly now for the benefit of all.

Reducing car accidents will take time as there are no short term solutions to any long term problems, but I do suggest that all cars be electronically tagged and that valid license holders are only permitted to drive. With tracking devices police and security can trace the ownership of these cars instantly to prevent unlicensed drivers from driving on our roads.

In the UK rarely do I hear of a road accident, how here in Libya there is not one day that goes by that I do not hear of a road accident.
The cause of this problem is quite simple:
1/ Roads are in poor condition due to road & maintenance authorities not performing their job properly.
2/ A higher level of driver training is required.
I am an Indian national living in Benghazi and work for the Ministry of Health. I travel by taxi to work everyday and that little time when I am in the car is like me in a death row. I am not overly surprised by the road traffic accidents figures for Libya. With very little safety regulation compounded with poor quality driving skills/training are undoubtably the real threat to the society. This is an issue of public health concern and I anticipate strict road traffic legislation to come in place in the near future

I just wanted to say:
Inna lillahi wa inna illaihi raji'oon
My dear friend had passed away in a car accident today in libya.
I can not say that I was shocked by these numbers and by the devastations of the traffic accidents in my country.

I see as a driver using my car daily on our dangerous roads that the lack of respect to each other is to blame not the condition of the roads. I also think that the increasing number of public transport vehicles "Taxis and IVECO" with inexperienced drivers, are also the main contributors to this tragedy. I agree with the Indian gentleman who described his daily journey to work as if he was on a death raw.
So, if the government is aware of the problem, why in heaven's name don't they fix it??? NOW???
For a start, driving licences must be earned, not bought.
Stirct law enforcement is vital. Traffic police must be allowed to enforce traffic regulations by the book. There is more to traffic law enforcement other than checking papers.
It's time to do something rather than just talk about it for years and let more people die horribly on the roads.
What a shame,for everyone living here has lost someone in a road accident.
I lost my dear husband in car acciendt in Dufnia Libya on 15 july 2009.Ahh my husband is very loving and caring man for me and my two daughters,we live very happily life,this accident totaly change my life and i fell sowrrow for my whole life, please i request to Libyan government please please solve this problem. One accident can change the life of a whole family.
Last year, December 2008 my beautiful son and husband were on vacation in Libya when they lost their lives in a car accident near Khoms because of construction on the highway and no proper signs. This is unforgiveable and careless. My younger son and I, our lives are changed forever and we miss them so much. The construction company should be held responsible for this. Maybe to them the people who died are just statistics but to me my family is gone and they were two amazing men who could have made a difference for the better in this world!
As a Libyan citizen and as a human been I'm very sorry and sad to know the fact that with every day pass there are innocent souls pass away and so many Libyans youth are wasted.
I agree with the lady Named Pamela that those numbers may just look like statistical figures but they r in fact people who are the family of somebody who will be deeply affected by the tragedy.
Each Libyan has or know some body close that has been killed in road traffic accidents. I my self has a lovely aunt who was taken in a RTA.

May god bless their souls
it is written, they have decided to organise, next month, a national conference ... but tell now nothing has been changed, so the problem of Living souls have been died not the death ones, if you got what i mean..., may allah protect us and make our soals live.....

A few days ago, a beautiful young family buried their new baby girl. She died in her mother's arms when a car rushing a sick man ran a red light. The driver had the best of intentions, trying to help someone, but committed the worst of actions. Until the laws are changed, please remember, if anyone kills a person, it is like he killed all people and if anyone saves a person, it is like he saved all people. Save a life, drive carefully.
one of our Road problems i think
is that people never stay in the lanes in the bloody road. so people stay in lanes for god sake when you are driving you are killing us, whether you kill someone or kill your self and hurt
us. its heart f64738ing breaking.
I think it is the goverment that should be responsible for the number of accidents. The goverment should make the rules and regulations and make sure they get implimented and inforced. a lot of innocent people die every day in Libya for nothing. LAWS AND ORDER what we need in libya. NO seat belts, NO speed cameras,everybody talk on their MOBILE PHONES while driving,etc,etc,, RESULT in deaths and would you believe it or not Libyans solve their problems over "RIZ O LAHAM" and some money ignoring and forgetting all the sadness and missery affecting the victom's families and dear ones.
The Libyan player didnt die..it was a false rumour

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