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Monday, 26 June, 2017, 16:58 ( 14:58 GMT )
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State of Emergency Declared in US City of Charlotte
22/09/2016 18:23:00
Protesters facing police brutality in Charlotte, NC, US after police killed a black man on Tuesday. Getty Images

The killing of a handicapped black man in his car while he was reading a book and waiting for his son to come out of school immediately led to huge protests by African-Americans in the city of Charlotte, NC, not very far from the American capital Washington.

Consequently, the Governor of North Carolina declare a state of emergency on Wednesday night after two nights of violent protests against police brutality, especially against blacks, that have caused considerable social and racial unrest in America.

The Police said they shot Keith L. Scott on Tuesday who died on the way to hospital as a result of his fatal wounds. Some witnesses say that no one tried to administer CPR for him.

The police say the man was armed and posed a threat to the officers, but Scott’s family said he was unarmed when he was killed and was instead reading a book in his car while waiting to pick up his child from school.

The killing of another black man in an American city is adding to the already deep anger among African-Americans and more divisions in this great country.

Leaders of black communities are no more able to hide their frustration and anger as they keeping seeing the ongoing killing of their brothers without reason all over the US.

Commenting on the violent protests in Charlotte, Rev. Dwayne Walker, pastor of Little Rock AME Zion church said “I’m just as upset as some of the protesters are.”

“We’re tired of double standards. We’re tired of it being open season on black men and black women in this country. We’re just tired of it,” he added as quoted by Charlotte Observer.

He said people still remember the 2013 shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell by a white Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer, Randall Kerrick. He was charged with voluntary manslaughter but freed when a judge declared a mistrial in August 2015.

B.J. Murphy of the Nation of Islam, a black nationalist political and religious organization, called for an African-American economic boycott of Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina.

Murphy said there has been no redress for the grievances of the black community, as young men are shot and killed. He said the discrepancy between various accounts of a deadly shooting on Tuesday — Keith Lamont Scott’s family said he had a book while police said he had a gun — demonstrates the need for “our own independent investigation,” he said.

“Since black lives do not matter for this city, then our black dollars shouldn’t matter,” he said. “Keep our money in our pocket — see, we’re watching modern-day lynching on social media, on television, and it’s affecting the psyche of black people. That’s what you saw last night,” he added.


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