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Monday, 26 June, 2017, 16:43 ( 14:43 GMT )
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Libyan Armed Forces Captures Extremist Headquarters in Benghazi
26/06/2016 04:38:00
Colonel Ahmed Mesmari, spokesman of the Libyan army, during a press conference in Benghazi, Saturday 25 June 2016.

The Libyan armed forces fighting IS in Benghazi has established full control over the remaining few strategic strongholds west of the city that have been in the hands of Islamist terrorists for more than two years.

The army’s spokesman Colonel Ahmed Mesmari said Saturday that the military has taken full control of Al-Jawazi village, the Chinese Buildings, the Turkish Company headquarters, Al-Jouf company headquarters all in the Ganfuda area.

Also the army has taken over a large hospital in Gouarsha and cleaned Gar Younis area, where the second largest university in the country, Gar Younis Univeristy is located, from IS terrorists. But the other strategic achievement is the capturing of military base of Libya Shield extremist militia, the most important stronghold of the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries.

The latest victories against terrorism by the Libyan army in Benghazi point at what seems to be clear improvement of operational planning and more confidence of the army leadership as it is chewing away terrorist strongholds as to soon declare full victory in the city.

“Army battalion 302 took over Deraa Libya Camp 1 and with all its military equipment and killed all those were inside,” Colonel Mesmari told a news conference Friday night.

Mesmari showed reporters of an IS terrorist who, he said, was captured over three years ago near Sirte by the army and was handed to the former Chief of Staff, Yousef Al-Mangoush, only to be recaptured in Benghazi recently.

The army spokesman said the IS terrorist confessed that he received training in making car bombs at the Ansar Al-Sharia Camp in the city.

Also on Friday a car bomb went off outside the Al-Jalaa Hospital killing 5 people and injuring 15 others some of them critically. The hospital has been a target for terrorist attacks for some time as it treats most of wounded soldiers in the fighting against IS.

Brig-Gen. Abdul-Salam al-Hassi the car bomb was the act of extremist militant whom the army is fighting for years now. The explosives-laden car was parked near the hospital's outpatient entrance door.

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