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Wednesday, 1 April, 2015, 13:36 ( 11:36 GMT )
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Italian Group, ENAV to Innovate Air Navigation Services in Libya
26/09/2013 18:05:00
Enav’s offices in the Italian capital, Rome

The Libyan Civil Aviation Authority seems to have turned to Italy for relaunching its activity, with ENAV, the Italian company for air navigation services, together with its subsidiary Techno Sky, having been awarded two tenders by the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA).

The two contracts deal with the supply of consultancy, technical and training services to assist the modernisation of the LCAA systems and its organisational and regulatory processes.

ENAV will set a development plan aimed at modernising the air navigation services and to enhance the capacity to manage growing traffic volumes in Libyan airspace, Ansa said, adding that the company would likewise provide a range of skills to the LCAA managers who have the task of guiding the decision-making processes for a transition to new operational scenarios in the context of Air Traffic Management.

On the other hand, Techno Sky, will have the strategic task of undertaking a overall survey in order to provide a clear picture of the current technological situation, so that medium term goals can be set for improving technical maintenance, logistics, plant and ground systems.

ENAV ‘s CEO Massimo Garbini said that this success, in a country that is so close and strategic demonstrates the commercial maturity achieved by his company, and is a further recognition of ENAV’s quality on the International level. In this case, the recognition has been extended to the entire Group, and in particular to the subsidiary Techno Sky.

These two important contracts are all the more important in a period of severe crisis in air transport. Moreover, we are proud to represent Italian excellence in a sector involving such advanced technical skills and specialisation".

During the bilateral meeting in ENAV headquarters, Nasereddin Shaebelain, DG of Libyan Civil Aviation Authority said, “We are here as a part of an effort to improve communications with Europe as a whole and Italy in particular. Our aim is upgrade our aviation regulatory authority and aviation industry.”

ENAV group currently operates in over 16 countries on three continents providing Training, Flight Inspection, Air Space Design, Maintenance and Engineering services.

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