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Libya Government in Crisis, Unable to Bring Security to Its Citizens
27/07/2013 18:47:00
Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan

The Tripoli Post

Tripoli-- Prime Minister Ali Zidan’s government is going through one of its most difficult times as it becomes clear day by day that it has failed to make any progress on the security and rebuilding of Libya.

The wave of assassinations on Friday in Benghazi and the attacks on landmark buildings and diplomatic missions in Tripoli last week show clearly that neither the government nor the National Congress are up to the formidable task of bring Libya to normality.

Two members of the National Congress, Amina Maghairbi from Benghazi and Mohamed Arish from Sebha, resigned Friday night saying they could not continue as part of a failed institution, fueling the calls for dissolving the Congress all together and setting up a date for the elections of new National Congress that would not be influenced by inter-fighting of immature political parties that became the mark of the existing one.

At the face of it, it looks as if Zidan government and the Congress have reached an agreement not to accuse each other as the reason behind the failure a practice that they followed until recently, partly because both fully understand that there is one else to blame for the current chaotic situation in the country but themselves.

Whether they are both buying time through smokescreen and strange alliance is a matter remains to be seen in the future. But Zidan’s not upbeat statement to the press on Friday tells more than meeting the eye.

Prime Minister Zidan strongly condemned the assassination of Abdulsalam al-Mesmari and the three other citizens who were killed in Benghazi on Friday but he failed to put forward any concrete policy or measures that could calm the public or help improving security.

Zidan said “this sinful and ugly act cannot be done by humans or by a Muslim or by a patriotic citizen.”

The PM said all measures have been taken to get hold of the perpetrators and bring them to justice and that the ministers of justice and interior had been dispatched to Benghazi to closely monitor the situation.

But Zidan also sounded beaten saying that he did not expect the government to be able to face up to the criminals or to solve the security problem in the foreseeable future.

Zidan said the crimes committed in Libya were a result of the spread of weapons which should be only in the hands of the army and police.
“It is not because the state is unable or because of weakness or lack of effort, but because this is an earlier problem and the existence of large quantities of weapons and ammunition in the people’s hands.

“These are citizens and the state cannot enter with them in confrontation and fighting that leads to dire consequences,” he added.

Nonetheless, Zidan made it clear a number of times that he was speaking on behalf of the National Congress in an apologetic tone as he felt the pressure mounting as a result of the failures of both institutions, the government and the legislature, to make any progress on the security and stability issues in Libya.

“The government is not keen on staying in power and the National Congress is a legitimate guarantee that came through elections if we let them go in the midst of emotions could lead the country to abyss,” he added, saying “The fueling positions in these conditions may lead to the perils we do not need”.

Zidan also said that he is not keen to stay in government only to the extent that it is keen to play a role despite the pressures and constraints it is subjected to.

“I would like to express my deep sorrow and pain on the lives that have been lost by those who are enemies of the nation. Morality, religion and all human values,” Zidan said in a statement to reporters on Friday hours after the assassinations took place.

“We do not want to direct accusations to anyone but whoever committed such acts is criminal, sinner and striped of all meanings humanity,” he added.

He called on the public not to use what happened in Benghazi or somewhere else as a “motive for escalation in the direction of dismantling the country by provided an opportunity to those whose goal to create more chaos and threaten the national unity.”
We need Gaddafi's security back under new generals.
well well well. Gaddafi was killing his own people as that right? People will cry for Gaddafi because He made Lybia look like heaven on earth.
These corrupt leaders today just need their bank accounts full they don't care about Lybia or its citizens.

These leaders won't live in a tent would would they. man made river, I think the people of Lybia deserve every part of this because they didn't stood up with their leader who wasn't corrup at all.
Libyans must guard their own nation and frontiers, there must be an outside elements who entered Libya like the CIA and Musad to create such a horrible acts, they are doing it in Sudan and Pakistan, even Egypt nowadays, who knows they are now in Libya. We believe that killing a fellow in Ramadhan and inside the Mosque can not be a work of a God fearing Man or those who believe that they are Muslims.

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