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Monday, 30 November, 2015, 22:36 ( 20:36 GMT )
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UPDATE: Libyan Government Condemns French Embassy Attack, Eyewitnesses’ Account
23/04/2013 14:49:00
Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Awad Ibrahim Elbarasi is seen here touring the blast site at the French embassy in Tripoli on Tuesday April 23

The Libyan government strongly condemned the attack on the French embassy in Tripoli on Tuesday morning saying it will take all measures to find the perpetrators.

In a statement, the government said “the aggression on the French embassy is also aimed at the security and stability of Libya.”

It described the attack as a “terrorist aggression” saying that the Libyan government and people totally reject such acts and in no way represent the Libyan people who hold high the French assistance during the 2011 uprising.

The government said it is prepared to cooperate with all parties to find the perpetrators and face justice.

At 7:00 a.m. an explosion occurred near the French embassy in Tripoli that damaged parts of the embassy building and the neighboring houses.

At least 6 people suffered minor to serious injuries.

A man whose house located next to the embassy told The Tripoli Post that the explosion occurred as they were asleep. His daughter suffered major injury in the spine when a door fell on her as a result of the blast.

“We are going to take her to Tunisia for treatment,” said Ali Muftah El-Shati.

“The outside wall of the villa crambeled down as we were asleep and the main door and windows fell down,” El-Shati added.

He also said two cars in the garage were damaged.

Another witness, Hyathem Mohamed Hubba, said that neighbors were the first to hurry up to the French embassy and rescue the injured including a foreigner with a shoulder problem who was carried away from the rubbles.

A large hole resulted from the blast of about 2.2 by 2.5 meters.
Another eye witness who declined to be named said one Algerian man worked for the embassy was injured along with two Libyan men in the neighborhood.

He said at least five cars parked near the embassy were damaged including diplomatic cars, adding that the exploded car could be a Mitsubishi Lancer type.


whose vassal would you like to be, next?

in my considered opinion, you do not need the fascists' "homeland" protection rackets.
but that opinion won't even get me coffee.

this is Libya's decision.
not mine or ANYBODY else's.

i really think you can run the place, yourselves, though...
with minimal secular self-governance, if you wish it to BE.

set your face toward your destiny; walk together if you are able, as far as you are able.

many paths.
one journey.

in one sense, you are alone, facing your future, your path.

with the very heart of the living universe beating within you, i see you are quite well-prepared.

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