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Illegal Pakistani Job Seekers Reported Tricked in Libya
01/04/2013 18:44:00
Pakistan is protesting and is said to be ready to talk with the Libyan diplomatic mission the issue of illegal emigrants from Pakistan seeking jobs in Libya but tricked by recruitment companies in Libya and Pakistan.

Pakistan's embassy in Tripoli is reported having unearthed an issue where Libyan and Pakistani recruitment firms cheated thousands of Pakistani job seekers, who have not been given jobs that so-called racketeers promised them since authorities gave them the status of illegal emigrants.

Libyan foreign office spokesperson Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry told The Express Tribune that the Pakistani ambassador in Libya has already filed a complaint re the situation, and the office is to to take up the matter with the Libyan embassy, and when they it gets a reply it will decide on the issue.

In the meantime, the Community Welfare Attaché of the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) has sent a separate complaint in this regard to the foreign affairs ministry and the director general of the Bureau of Emigration. Saying these job seekers are at the mercy of organised criminal gangs.

The attaché has also recommended an immediate stop to the export of Pakistani human resource to Libya for the time being.

A senior official of OPF is also said to have alleged that some diplomats in the Libyan embassy and Emigration officials of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) also facilitated the racket.

FIA director general Muhammad Anwar Virk, said that it has already taken serious disciplinary action against FIA officials who are reported to have facilitated the illegals' procedures at airports.

While Libyan diplomats have not as yet been available for comments, Virk categorically rejected allegations that ‘thousands’ of emigrants were unlawfully facilitated by FIA officials.
they're not still taking the unemployed in Tunisia, are they?

what about the big gold strike in Mali? just kidding...

when in doubt, try Toronto... that would probably be easiest...

don't send them to the US. they might be locked up and never get out!

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