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Thursday, 29 January, 2015, 14:18 ( 12:18 GMT )
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Finally, Erdogan Accepts Israeli ‘Apology’ for Killing of 9 Turkish Citizens in International Waters
23/03/2013 01:24:00
President Barack Obama and Israeli PM both took part in a phone call in which Netanyahu apologized to Turkish premier Tayyip Erdogan for a 2010 commando raid that killed nine Turkish activists.

US officials said Friday that Turkish premier Tayyip Erdogan accepted the apology from Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu for a deadly commando raid during a half-hour phone call in which President Barack Obama took part.

The phone call was made from a trailer on the tarmac at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport before Obama left Israel for Jordan.

Erdogan has vehemently rejected peaceful solution to the Syrian civil war which has destroyed the Arab country. Erdogan seems to have failed to exploit a golden opportunity to play a major role in Middle Eastern politics if he followed a neutral constructive position in the ongoing chaos in Syria.

The Christian Science Monitor reported Friday that two senior US administration officials told reporters that during the call Netanyahu admitted "operational mistakes" during the raid and apologized to Erdogan. They said that Erdogan accepted the apology.
ABC reported that Erdogan's office said: "Our prime minister accepted the apology in the name of the Turkish people."

Erdogan "expressed that it was saddening that relations, which are of vital strategic importance for peace and the stability of the region, have been soured in recent years," the statement said.

But Turkish MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad), who was on the Mavi Marmara when the Israeli commandos attacked the ship said Friday Netanyahu’s apology was “not enough”.

Zoabi said, “we’re talking about human life and about the killing of nine political activists,” adding that there is a need for the establishment of an international commission of inquiry into the matter.

“If Netanyahu wants to start a new phase with the world around him, and not simply be satisfied with the many hugs that Obama gave all around, he should know that he should direct his energies towards the Palestinian problem: the expulsion and the occupation, as his American friend said,” referring to President Obama.

Zoabi called the attack by Israel on Marvi Marmara ship the “little crime” and said if the Israeli premier wants to apologized he should “apologize to those you've kept under siege, that those nine activists were killed on their behalf, and begin to understand that there is no possibility of a normal Israeli life when it is accompanied by the settlements, the occupation, the siege and the persecution.”

Tensions raged after Erdogan attacked Israel during its aggression on Gaza on the Christmas eve of 2008, and at one point storming off a stage he shared with the Israeli president at the high-profile World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

A Turkish TV show that demonized Israeli soldiers prompted Israel's then deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon, in early 2010 to reprimand the Turkish ambassador. He seated Ahmet Oguz Celikkol on a sofa lower than his own chair and wouldn't shake his hand in televised images of the meeting.
The Turks provoked ithe Gaza incident to pander to Iran.
First the Turks need to apologize the the millions of Armenians killed.
Humbling Israel is the agenda of the Fascist Middle Eastern dictators,but Turkey will never be admitted to the EU until they rectify the slaughter of millions.

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