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Monday, 27 April, 2015, 3:14 ( 1:14 GMT )
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UN Libya Special Envoy Forced to Leave Tobruk Airport Upon Arrival
UN special envoy Bernardino Leon was prevented by protesters from leaving Tobruk airport to hold talks with members of the Libyan House of Representatives. He is accused of forcing the elected government to share power with terrorists.

Libyan Army Kills Four Top Militia Leaders Near Tripoli
As it advances on Tripoli, the Libyan army kills four top extremist militia leaders, a big blow to the control and command of the terrorist coalition that currently controls the capital.

Libyan Tribes Reject UN Sponsored Talks, Slam Special Envoy Leon
Largest gathering of Libyan tribes in Tobruk rejects UN sponsored talks in Morocco and slams special envoy for insistence talks with militias and IS should go on. Leaders of tribes are united on fighting terrorism, unity and stability of country.

Libya Envoy Asks UN for Weapons to Fight IS Calling for Respect of Elected Government
Libya UN envoy says Libya accepts an observer to make sure that arms imported do not fall in non-government hands. He also warns that there is no right for any nation to interfere in any decisions by the elected Libyan authorities.

Malta Says Diplomatic Passports Agreement with Libya Temporarily on Hold
Malta temporarily halts an agreement with Libya that enabling holders of Libyan diplomatic passports to enter Malta without visa as the Libyan elected government calls on world community to halt courting terrorist groups in the country.

Libya PM: Turkey Keeps Supplying Anti-government Militias with Weapons
Libya PM says Turkey is supplying anti-government militias with weapons so Libyans could kill each other and that it is not dealing honestly with the Libyan people and its legitimate government.

Report Urges SC to Help Libya Secure Territorial Waters
A report by UN experts could help SC respond positively to repeated demands by Libyan government to lift arms embargo in order to fight the spread of terrorism and extremist militias now controlling the capital Tripoli.

Islamic State Claim Qubbah Suicide Attacks in Libya
The Islamic State Friday claimed responsibility for the suicidal attacks on government and private facilities in the Qubbah city in eastern Libya that killed at least 47 people and wounded scores more.

UN Sponsored Libya Dialogue Fails as Calls for Abandoning It Increase
Calls for halting the Libya dialogue sponsored by the UN have increased today as a result of both political and violent developments in the country that rendered the Libyan people more pessimistic and suspicious of these talks as a whole.

Three Car Bombs Kill 40, Wound 70 in Qubbah, Libya
Three car bombs exploded in the city of Qubbah killing at least 40 civilians and wounding 70 others many seriously, the attack comes days after US and Britain opposed in the SC the lifting of arms embargo on the national army.

Libya Demands SC Lift Arms Embargo, Calls on Egypt to Continue Airstrikes Against IS
Libyan FM asked the UN Security Council to lift an arms embargo on Libya and announces that the government has officially asked Egypt to continue airstrikes against IS terrorists in the country.

Security Council to Discuss the Situation in Libya
The Security Council is to meet today to discuss the spread of terrorism in Libya and how to establish peace and stability. Libyans want international support to their democratically elected government and lift the arms embargo so it can defend institutions and unity of the country.

Egyptian Airstrikes Has Libyan Government Backing
Airstrikes launched by Egyptian warplanes are strongly supported by the Libyan government and the Libyan national army. The Libyans have two demands: immediate targeting of IS presence in the country and lifting of the arms embargo on the national army. Cairo has objection as the last few days have demonstrated.

Egypt Warplanes Strike Terrorist Stronghold in Libya
Egyptian warplanes launched airstrikes against Islamic State stronghold in the city Darna in eastern Libya on Monday to avenge the beheading of 21 Egyptians a few days ago in the further western coastal city of Sirte.

Libyan Army Ready to Support Egyptian Military Intervention Against ISIS
Libya is ready to support Egyptian military intervention to strike IS terrorists in the country preferring the use of air power rather than ground troops, the top military commander stresses. He says he would be pleased to see international coalition forces bombing Daaesh terrorist groups in Libya.

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IS in Libya Beheads 21 Egyptians
In a Hollywood cinematography style video, shot from several angles on a beach, 21 Egyptians were beheaded by IS group in Libya. They were marched by militants in black to a beach the group said was near Tripoli, then they were forced down onto their knees.

Libyan Army Says Its Mission is to Fight Terrorism, Denies Dispute with Government
The Libyan army denies that it is intervening in politics focusing instead on fighting terrorists and militias saying it closely coordinates with the government, warns those who are confusing the political and military landscape in Libya.


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